the unpacking of a diptyque candle

There’s nothing more luxurious than indulging in a scented candle. It’s the perfect gift for the person that has everything, yet at the same time, as someone who wants a lot of things they can’t have, I’m finding it a very rewarding gift to one’s self.

After almost a year of deliberating over which scent to choose from Diptyque‘s extensive, yet finely-tuned range of scented candles, I was lucky enough to resolve my indecision by swiping up the last box set of these Limited Edition Winter Collection mini candles from my local Mecca store. With their smaller size, I can now burn all three (separately, of course – unless in combination they create something magical?!) until there’s no more wick, and by then will know for sure which one I will opt for in a larger size. That is, after a long year of saving my shrapnel as they are quite pricey – painful to buy but worth every penny.

After only an hour of burning Feu De Bois, I think I’m already sold on the idea of buying it in a larger size. It truly is wood fire in a glass jar. The kind of smell that surrounded you as a child during winter nights spent with the family, curled up and armed with some hot cocoa while daddy tells stories that cause everyone to giggle in song. While the flame licks the essential-oil-infused wax, the creamy smoke aroma conjures thoughts that warm your body and sooth your soul (heh heh). If magic were a candle it would smell like this.

I wanted to document the unpacking of these candles in a series of photos for you all, so here it is – the unpacking of a Diptyque candle, followed by its introduction and settling-in to my workspace.

Note: one must compliment a winter-themed scented candle with ginger nut cookies and tea 🙂

ph. taken by me / handwriting by me


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