I just love you, Chanel.



There’s something about Chanel’s nail colour collection that makes it more coveted than others. Perhaps it’s the lusted-after identity that one embodies with an effortless stroke of a brush? That taste for affordable luxury. Perhaps, whenever a new colour collection is released, the hype that surrounds justifies the price and exclusivity, which in turn, encourages you to take the plunge – indulge? I’m not too sure what it is exactly, but I must say, Chanel really creates colours that I WANT to be wearing, NEED to be wearing.

For example, when Particulière came out you could find comparable dupes everywhere – it was a taupe explosion! And yet, I couldn’t find anything nearly as perfect as Chanel’s version of a milky, hot cocoa for the nails and so the next minute I was spending $39 on a nail colour. The same can be said for June. During Summer, almost every nail company released their version of a sunny, fresh shade fit for toes that run across hot sand. However, none so, conveyed that perfect glow like June. A little bit sherbet and a whole lot of sorbet, June encapsulated (in a pretty glass bottle) the giddiness of eating citrus fruits and rockmelon on a sticky summer’s day. And so here I am: smitten, posting photos and declaring my love for this shade.

I can’t help but fall for the creative direction that goes into the development of a Chanel Le VERNIS collection. If I could afford it, I would attempt to own almost every colour of the collection and display them proudly on my dresser. In my opinion, they really hit the nail on the head by creating the most wanted nail colour of the season, each and every time.